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Maximizing fleet availability while making the best use of assets and controlling spend is a daily challenge. Maintenance and Operations teams need to understand the current state of the fleet, predict upcoming unscheduled maintenance, and plan for future operations. How can Predictive Maintenance based on a Predictive twin of your assets and fleet help?
New telematics systems and “connected” trucks promised to drive down maintenance costs and reduce unscheduled maintenance, but most fleet managers have yet to see the fully anticipated ROI. The challenge is not a lack of data, but how to effectively transform data into actionable forecasts.
Clockwork Studio is a robust, scalable platform that processes, transforms and distributes data from various back-end systems to create and refresh the Predictive Twin models that drive Demand Matrix and Plan Matrix.
These presentations for the half-day virtual conference focused on how IIoT is impacting the manufacturing marketplace and it took place with an online, interactive audience.
From remote drilling platforms to large machinery, your organization needs to know its assets down to the component level. Clockwork’s unique approach to Advanced Analytics and CBM allows us to more accurately identify the unique obstacles your organization faces. Unlike other data tools, we apply a wide variety of Advanced Analytics to nd optimal condition indicators for your assets.
A presentation by Smart Industry magazine featuring Clockwork data experts Brad Young and Serg Posadas.
For T&D World, Clockwork is presented an informative webcast for power transmission. Learn some of the benefits of a proactive PHM strategy.
A presentation specifically designed for aviation fleet managers with examples from our experience within the industry on how to best use predictive analytics -- to improve asset availability, control asset maintenance costs, and optimize resources.
In this 30-minute presentation learn what was launched in February of 2017 as an update to the new cloud-based Clockwork Advanced Analytic Platform.
In this white paper, learn how to achieve key bottomline benefits of optimization. Be able to initiate thought-provoking conversations on ways to optimize assets.
Designed for the unique needs of enterprise IoT deployments, Clockwork can take into account historical and real-time asset data to create a virtual predictive twin for predictive analytic techniques. The result is high-fidelity actionable prognostics that provide insight into the future state of the assets.
A PHM approach that takes a wholistic view of your asset’s characteristics, history, and environment provides the ability to generate high fidelity prognostics and decision support for insights down to the individual asset level vs. at the macro or line level.
Article from April 2017 edition of USAF Reliability & Maintainability magazine discussing how Clockwork Solutions helped the Ellsworth Air Force Base address their data integrity challenges on their way to CBM+.
Read how Clockworks used five sensors and one month of historical data to deliver up to six months warning on failure events.
Overview of how Clockwork Solutions' Advanced Analytics Platform enables CBM for Asset Management
Overview the Clockwork Productive Analytics Services and Solutions for Lifecycle Management. How we do it and the results you will see.
Overview of how Clockworks Advanced Analytics can help fleet owners and operators across the fleet lifecycle.
A world leader in offshore drilling needed to create a high-fidelity drillship fleet Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Model, to optimize overhaul intervals for critical drillship equipment & investments in capital spares. See how we helped them identify $2 billion is increased revenue when optimally investing $120 million.
Marine Corps System Command desc - MCSC serves as the Department of the Navy’s systems command for ground weapon and information technology system programs. See how we provided the predictive analytics in the delivery of product support.
Read how Clockwork worked with one fleet operator on their lifecycle sustainment strategy that not only improved asset performance, but also cut costs by over $400 million!
What does 2017 hold for Asset Performance Management - and how will it affect your organization? Here are the top 8 trends you need to stay on top of!
While some organizations see tremendous results with improved productivity and controlled costs, others spend millions of dollars only to be disappointed in the implementation, data received, and, ultimately the value. What differentiates the two?

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