IIoT Data is Useless — How Actionable Insights Gleaned from Data are Critical to Your Digital Transformation

A presentation by Smart Industry magazine featuring Clockwork data experts Brad Young and Serg Posadas.

Modern, interconnected machines generate mountains of data. Likewise, business leaders are being charged with capitalizing on current and legacy data to optimize their processes. But data alone is not enough. Data is merely the ingredient that—when properly analyzed—can lead to insights that propel one business over its competitors.

In September of 2017 Smart Industry asked Clockwork Solutions experts to address these important questions: 
  • What is the difference between data and analytics, and how can confusing the two limit strategy development?
  • What is necessary to view your machine data holistically to recognize full patterns that enable growth?
  • How should one extract data of value from the murk of dirty data that bogs down many businesses?
  • How should one properly pair historical data with operations data to create high fidelity and actionable analytics?

These answers and more in this on-demand video. Watch now or at your leisure via the form.

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