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Clockwork Lifecyle Analytics Suite

Clockwork understands the daily organizational challenges managing the availability of mission-critical asset availability and long-term asset lifecycles. Our Lifecycle Analytics Suite of products are purpose-built from the ground up to provide high-fidelity insights into your strategic, capital-intensive assets. By leveraging the unique capabilities of Predictive Twin models and advanced analytics, Demand Matrix and Plan Matrix go beyond traditional fleet management, Supply Chain Management, or parts and maintenance forecasting.

Whether you are looking for a complete view of the current state of your asset fleet, accurate demand forecasting for spares and maintenance, or comprehensive Predictive Lifecycle Analytics, Clockwork has a solution to help.

Demand Matrix

Demand Matrix’s is the next generation tool for stunningly accurate spare parts and maintenance forecasts. Unlike traditional forecasting methods based on historical data, Demand Matrix creates a Predictive Twin model that provides a bottom-up, reliability-based statistical model of each asset and all relevant parts. This provides a complete view of the current state of your assets, as well as the ability to apply advanced simulation algorithms that accurately age assets and components based on user-defined operating parameters.

The result is an approach to forecasting that provides detailed, verifiable, accurate, spares and maintenance demands for each asset, part and relevant sub-component in the fleet. With Demand Matrix, organizations accurately plan upcoming maintenance for multiple years in the future and proactively identify problems before they occur.

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Plan Matrix

For a comprehensive approach to asset Lifecycle Analytics, Plan Matrix builds on the Predictive Twin model to incorporate the entire asset maintenance and support infrastructure, including supply chain, spares inventory, logistics and more. This holistic model is the basis for an accurate and complete view of operations and maintenance across a fleet. Using Discrete Event Simulation and advanced analytics, Plan Matrix generates accurate, multi-year forecasts, incorporating the entire supporting maintenance infrastructure for every asset in the fleet, complete with metrics and details at the asset or component level.

Powerful “What-if” scenario editors allow for the simulation of alternative forecasts based on user-defined changes to any aspect of the predictive model. By creating multiple alternate scenarios, asset managers can compare and contrast different strategic approaches that maximize availability while controlling spend and minimizing risks.

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Clockwork Solutions Studio provides the bridge between the Predictive Twin model for Lifecycle Analytics and your organization’s back-office planning and operations systems. A robust, scalable platform that processes, transforms and distributes data, Studio can easily consolidate data from various back-end systems to create and refresh the Predictive Twin models that drive Demand Matrix and Plan Matrix. Studio can also integrate Demand Matrix and Plan Matrix outputs directly into your back-office planning systems and processes.

More than an ETL tool, Studio can handle complex integrations and work flows across multiple data sources, as well as apply built-in advanced analytics techniques like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Studio helps clean and harmonize your data before integrating with the Predictive Twin model, providing highly reliable insights into your assets. Rich visualization tools and flexible dashboards go a step further in providing new ways to look at and report on your cleaned, harmonized and combined data.

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Clockwork Advanced Analytics Platform

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Clockwork’s predictive modeling software has been validated by the most respected data analytics experts:

Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) CAD (Command Analysis Directorate)

Army Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA)

Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (AMSAA)

Marine Corps Installations & Logistics (I&L)

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Simulation Experiments and Efficient Design (SEED) Center

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Penn State Applied Research Laboratory

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