IIoT & Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing
Virtual Conference

These presentations originally aired on November 14, 2017. The half-day virtual conference focused on how IIoT is impacting the manufacturing marketplace and it took place with an online, interactive audience.

Each session was recorded and has been provided below. The first three sessions focus on how IIoT is impacting manufacturers. The sessions start with an overview of the marketplace, provide guidance towards the first steps in strategizing a platform, and then describing how enterprises are using IIoT data to do predictive maintenance and operations. The last video is a recording of the panelist session and Q&A from the live audience.

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Market Overview: The current state of IIoT in manufacturing

Benson Chan, Senior Partner

In this first session of the day, Benson Chan (email) walks through a “state of the industry”. His presentation starts with: “What is IIoT and what’s the big deal?” and gets more thoughtful in respect to how IIoT fits in the world of SCADA, M2M (and others), what managers should care about, and what executives should do to get ready.

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IIoT Platforms: Choosing the right IIoT strategy from sensors to data

Aaron Allsbrook, CTO

In the second session, Aaron Allsbrook (email) focuses on defining a strategy and/or best practices for designing and deploying an IIoT roll-out. This includes everything from the sensors (including retrofitting existing equipment) through to the IIoT platform that gathers the data along with reporting, visualization, and more.

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Transform your data into strategic business value with predictive analytics

Serg Posadas, VP Industry Solutions

In the third session, Serg Posadas (email) walks through the techniques of how data can be optimized into insights that propel businesses over competitors. If the previous sessions set the groundwork on what is available to support your IIoT initiatives, this session is the next step in allowing you to understand what you can get from the effort.

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Panel Discussion

This last session was an open panel discussion with the session experts. Questions were fielded by the live, online audience to clarify and debate market trends, pain points, obstacles, and more. IIoT World’s, Lucian Fogoros (email), is your host.

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