Lifecycle Analytics for mission critical assets and fleets

Applied analytics for
Predictive Maintenance
Maintenance and Parts Forecasting
Optimized Maintenance Infrastructure

Clockwork Advanced Analytics Platform

Based on over 25 years of experience in the field, the Clockwork platform is designed to specifically address the unique needs of enterprises with strategic, mission-critical assets.

About our platform

With 25+ years of field experience with fleets, the Clockwork Suite is designed to address the unique needs of enterprises with strategic and capital-intensive assets.


Aerospace & Defense · Commercial Aviation · Trucking · Transportation · Utilities · Mining, Manufacturing & Construction · Oil & Gas


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Using Clockwork’s predictive analysis and software to support life cycle management decisions in our vehicle fleet, we’ve exceeded $500 Million in cost avoidance over 4 years.

Federal Government Program Manager

Your team at Clockwork has been highly valuable to our operations. Clockwork helped provide product support to many of our fleets,  generating an over $26 Million reduction in inventory while increasing readiness by 15% simultaneously.

DoD Product Support Manager

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