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Case Study
Tactical Vehicle Fleet Optimization

Whether it’s the overall cost of an engine, transmission or rotor blades, the lead time to obtain a repair part, or schedule required maintenance to optimize fleet uptime, a strategic approach is required to ensure the required parts and labor are available the exact time you need them.

Download the case study
Case Study
Marine Corps System Command

In addition, the introduction of service level agreements between the military fleet managers and manufacturers has shifted from the operator bearing the entire responsibility of uptime to a shared responsibility between manufacturer and operator. With everyone focusing on the same goal, it’s easier to leverage technology to determine the repair parts you need, how many, their placement , and when they should be ordered. For years this process has been prone with errors and uncertainty due to the lack of quantitative methods and predictive analytics. Now, with Clockwork’s predictive analytics software for Enterprise Asset Management, it is possible to save a significant amount of money by reducing inventory and maintenance costs while at the same time improving fleet availability.


Clockwork has provided software and services to the most recognized names in the Aerospace and Defense industry in both corporate and government entities. The relationship between these customers and is based on the value that these organizations receive in reducing the overall life cycle costs of their air and ground equipment fleets.

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Aerospace and defense platforms have parts that cost millions of dollars. Having one too many is a significant cost burden. Having one too few represents critical availability issues. Being able to predict how many platforms you need, the optimal repair part inventory necessary to maintain overall fleet availability, and the relative timing of required maintenance will significantly improve financial and operational performance. The result:

  • Reduced Inventory Costs
  • Increased Asset Availability
  • Extend Asset Life Cycles
  • Improved Bottom Line

Clockwork’s superior results are possible because of our ability to leverage the massive volumes of collected data on legacy fleets, data that can be mined, examined and transformed into useful system support and condition indicators. Clockwork’s comprehensive data management and predictive simulation software drive huge cost savings, inventory reductions and increased fleet availability.