Platform Technology

Download the white paper
Download the white paper

Clockwork’s predictive analytics solutions are based on our ability to manage significant amounts of complex data, analyze that data to provide insights to critical questions, and provide meaningful business choices based on the analysis. Our key differentiator is the Clockwork LCM Cloud™.

Streamlining the way companies use technology to generate savings and value is a hallmark of the Clockwork solution.  The Clockwork LCM Cloud improves the speed of processing, access to data, usability and depth of reporting analytics, and reliability of business intelligence and simulation results. This combination of big data, cloud computing and predictive analytics provides superior results in minutes, not days.

The Clockwork platform combines big data, cloud computing and predictive analytics to provide superior results in minutes, not days.

The Clockwork platform is comprised of distributed components in multiple tiers.  The Application tier hosts the user facing Insight LCM™ application.  The Engine tier manages the algorithms and business logic for simulation, aggregation of simulation output and transformation for analytic data.  The Computing tier provides the runtime grid that breaks down engine tasks into smaller units of work and delegates the work to resources in the grid, leveraging parallel processing.  In the Data tier, the data abstraction layer provides a unified interface to multiple types of data stores.  The Data Input API can import various types of data artifacts, such as XML and flat files, into data stores.


The technology allows for collaboration between data scientists and asset planners. It puts simulation capabilities in the hands of clients and delivers answers quickly. With the ability to manage and host large amounts of disparate data from multiple sources, the Clockwork LCM Cloud increases accuracy of results, faster, for vastly improved decision support.